Monday, February 13, 2006

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Grammy Award
I. History: to display the contribution of performance art
II. Date/ where: LA. from 1957---2006 (48屆)
III. Winners? All singers have their dreams of having the shot at the performance such as Grammy Awards.
IV. Grammy Awards is coved prize/ by the performancers in the art.
The following sites for your active learning at the outside classroom:
1. CALL ALCPT: http://ehlchaffin.com.
選EFL Place 進入alcpt 練習
2. 影片學英文:https://tw.voicetube.com/
3. 網路英文學習日誌建檔(Reflection weblog in English Learning)
4. 自修
http://www.elllo.org/index.htm. (歌唱)
http://www.esl-lab.com (聽力練習)


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